Monday, March 9, 2009

Quick pros and cons of games I've been playing while waiting for another ep of Level Nine.

which is really only a couple of games this year.

Street Fighter 4:
PRO - Dude it's a new Street Fighter!
CON - Online Lobbies suck and only ken is playable online on everyone's system but mine.

Resident Evil 5:
PRO - Dude it's a new Resident Evil!
CON - Short, but that's cause RE4 spoiled us.

I know I played other games but a bit of a blur after playing these two, I think I played Killzone 2 on the PS3, Onechanbara on the 360, and a bit of Space Invaders Extreme on the DS(game is the shit).

but expect more in depth coverage on SF4 and a RE5 review in the coming eps....i hope.


Royston Joseph aka Raijinz said...

I'm still waiting for new eps, dammit! I know your "engineer" is busy with other shows, but it would at least be nice to have one for the new year! Those snippets I heard on the "other" show really make me want to hear you guys destroy more new games!

Soul Bro Ryu said...

Lucky for you Ep. 4 debuts this weekend. My aim is to get that done, as well as Ep. 5 by next weekend.

Sorry about the wait ^_^

ChainsandGuns said...

Man the online lobbies on SFIV are so horrible I've only been able to play one match online

and on the leaderboards it seems like the top people use seth(which is mad retarded cause he's a boss character)

Awesome meeting you guys at Megacon
also can't wait for the new ep